Our Story

In early 2016 Aidan and John casually discussed the idea of opening a coffeehouse in the Kerrykeel area. Little did they know that this casual discussion at the time would become their reality. Someone had once told them before that thoughts and dreams become things. In this instance, this turned out to be true. On the 7th of April 2018 after almost two years of hard work and planning the iconic bright yellow doors swung open the Narrow Quarter was born. 

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Customers often ask why are we called The Narrow Quarter, its simply the literal translation from the irish name of our village “An Cheathru Chaol” Cheathru meaning Quarter and Chaol meaning Narrow. Its that simple! Sometimes the simple ideas are the best ideas. That’s why we have kept our offering just that. Straight up honest homemade good food. Our entire menu is prepared fresh, in our kitchen which is headed by chef Shauna Gallagher.

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Our Food

Our aim has always been to offer a relaxed atmosphere for people to come and enjoy fresh, simple, and local cuisine.

We serve local Mulroy Bay Mussels which are sourced only a couple of kilometers away.

100% of our meat used on our menu comes from our local Butcher in Kerrykeel (Kerr’s butcher).

We also source our seafood and fresh vegetables from local Donegal-based producers.  So you can rest assured, that when you support us you are also helping to support and sustain local businesses through our county. 

All of our sauces and side dishes are hand-prepared daily by our trained chefs. 

Our baked goods are made on-site fresh every morning. Which include homemade breads, fresh scones, tray-bakes and cakes. 

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Travellers' Choice 2022

We are a firm believer in happy customers, and we pride ourselves on providing a top-class service at a reasonable price. Put simply, without happy customers a business has no meaning. Check out our reviews on TripAdvisor and Facebook for a little insight as to what our customers think! We quickly moved to number 1 of 4 places to eat in the local area according to our TripAdvisor reviews.